Welcome you to our company website! It is my pleasure to represent the New Generation Garden Company to send a sincerely thanks, best wishes for health and success. Hopefully together we are going to give great opportunities for each other.

Welcome to our company website! It is my pleasure to represent the New Generation Garden Company to send a sincerely thanks, best wishes for health and success. Hopefully together we are going to give great opportunities for each other.

The New Generation Garden Co., ltd officially operates in 2012 under the name of New Generation Garden. We are the next generation with the hope of bringing the new wind blows with innovative aspects and latest styles to the landscape industry. With enthusiasm, passion and creation, our products are high aesthetics and practical applicability in our life today. By utilizing the most advanced technology available to create differences in each product.

We would like to contribute our effort into the development of landscape industry, bring the better life community, and the more developed society.





The Formation Causes


Each passing day, we have to see heart-breaking diseases are killing people, which the underlying cause is the accumulation of unsafe foods, and the current social conditions.

When I participated in the nutrition seminar, a foreigner lecturer talked about the nutrition and health topic, I absolutely agree with the conclusion: “Disease is not created by anyone, we cause it”. There are 4 causes of disease:

- Insomnia
- Stress
- Food we use
- Digestion

I was thinking a lot about the conclusion; the question is always on my mind: How do we limit the first 2 causes? And how to control the 2 remained causes?

The answer: It is very difficult! So why?

The first 2 causes are from objective reasoning

Nowadays, when the economic growth and speed of social development is increasing rapidly, which requires each person has to strive and learn to keep pace with the growth and development. An unavoidable thing when the pressure of work daily surrounds us is leading to stress.

The 2 remainders are due to subjective causes.

A current food safety concern is one of the twinge social issues. The quality of food sources is uncontrolled spread out everywhere create the impression of unsafe for consumers. We aware of food quality that we use, but there is no way to control the level of its safety.

Health is most valuable asset that keeps us alive and exists. – That is an inevitable demand.

Understanding that urgent need and contribute to solve these issues; we decide to establish the Company. We operate in 2 main segments: Landscape and Safe Vegetables.

Landscape Segment: with the hope to limit the first 2 causes of disease.

Safe Vegetables Segment: providing safe and quality food .The most importance is totally control the food safety, and hygiene, which eliminate the two remainder causes. The company obeys the principles of Quality – Prestige- Ethics those also are our company mottos.

hinh thanh


With the career passion, the desire to impress, we dream to do something good for our society, and the community. Those desires foster us.

A team of people, who have had experiences in landscape and architectural industries, lecturers who are teaching at variety of universities such as University of Architecture, University of Agriculture and Forestry, Ton Duc Thang University, and others from the Science and Technology Department of University of Natural Sciences. All of us have a common purpose, a desire, and the general idea. Each product we make is to bring the more beautiful and meaningful to life.

About the infrastructure, we have prepared the nursery garden in Cu Chi for cultivating saplings and producing vegetables. In addition, we also associated with others nurseries to diversify products serving for the production needs and business.


The New Generation committees that all our products and services are always at the highest level

  • Investigate and provide the best products to community.
  • As a specialized and professional company, we will constantly measure our performance as well as collaborators and partners.
  • Regularly receive recommendation
  • The products and services quality standards will be reflected on each product and service we bring to you
  • Focus on food safety, and eco-friendly products

The wish to contribute to society and community, we have enough confidence and the right to believe that our desires and dreams will come true.

Hopefully together, we get the better life, useful for you, family and community.




The value of people is always our highest priority, people is the best tool to make real values for enterprise and community.


Integrity and business ethics is our motto to produce safe products to community health and “clean” in the business.


In all business activities with client as well as colleagues


Proving for the successful business development is the changing, which follows us during all business activities
  • For Client: Changing in Health and Spirit of Life
  • For Employees: Better Life, pro - skills
  • For Us: the Growth
icon vision 1


Almost the New Generation products are created aim to the goals of bringing a comfortable spirit, and better heath for community. Our objectives are increasingly optimized products for achieving the technical perfection, excellence in art, heightening the value and beliefs of consumers about nutrition.

icon vision 2


“Bringing the joy to life and good health for community”


icon vision 3

Core values

Create the best quality products, most aesthetically, and safest nutrition.

Company motto

Quality – Prestige- Business ethics .


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